International Students 

Application Requirements for International Students 


Q1: What is the application process for international students?


Q2: What should I do if I have some general questions about living, scholarships, such as proof of financial sufficiency? How can I apply for a scholarship?


If you have any general questions regarding living arrangements or scholarship opportunities, please visit the NCHU Office of International Affairs. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information for foreign student.

Q3: What is the process for applying for scholarships?


Q4: What should I do if I am working on my master's thesis and I would like to apply IDPA?

A4: To apply, you can submit the first draft or abstract of your thesis for improvement, and there's no word limit.

Q5: Can I apply if I am a current or recent master's student who has not yet received diploma?

A5:  Yes, you can apply. To do so, you will need to submit current certificate of enrollment.

Q6: Are all classes and activities in the graduate program required to be taught in English?

A6: Yes, IDPA is a complete English program, which means that all courses will be conducted in English.

Q7: Is it possible to apply for this program even if I don't have any background in Chinese(Mandarin language)?

A7: Yes, you can apply. Having a background in Mandarin is recommended. It's not required for IDPA program.

Q8: Is it necessary to obtain approval from a supervisor before applying to the program?

A8: No, it's not required. However, we do highly recommend that you identify a potential supervisor and seek their approval beforehand.

Q9: Would it be possible to receive a list of professors who will be teaching in the program?


PhD students in IDPA are able to choose any professor from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to serve as their supervisor.

Q10: Since my bachelor's or master's degree (program) was taught in English, do I need to provide proof of my English proficiency?

A10: You can provide a certificate from your school confirming that your degree (program) was taught in English as a substitute for providing proof of your English proficiency.

Q11: Based on the List of Universities/Colleges Providing Degree Programs Taught in English covered by the MOE scholarship, the International Doctoral Program in Agriculture is not included in the selection or the online application. Is the International Graduate Program in Agriculture the same as the International PhD Program in Agriculture?

A11:  【International Master Program in Agriculture】 and 【International Doctoral Program in Agriculture 】 at National Chung Hsing University are included within the International Graduate Program of Agriculture in this list.